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Body in Balance – Vitality you can feel

Press Release June 2014

MICROVITAL - New design and improved formula!

Modern, energetic and innovative are the features of the new HorseCare Product MicroVital®.

The name itself tells you what’s actually in St. Hippolyts MicroVital®!

Micro = micro-nutrients in high bio-available form ensuring an optimal balance
Vital = vitality you can feel with an intact nutrient balance

A weak immune system, skin problems, fatigue, weakness and nervousness are unfortunately a common problem in many horses and often caused by an insufficient supply of trace elements. St. Hippolyt MicroVital® contains organically bound trace elements (chelated amino acid), yeasts and algae as well as natural sources of protein which act as building blocks to help restore the body‘s balance.


While the horse digests its daily food, nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals are gradually processed by the digestive system and made available for the body – bio-availability describes how many of these nutrients can actually be assimilated from the food sources by the animal’s system.

In MicroVital® the essential micro-nutrients zinc, copper, selenium, manganese and iron are offered with particularly high bioavailability.

Initially the term Chelate sounds strange, but every one of us, even our horses, are without a doubt familiar with a specific chelate – the chlorophyll, also known as green leaf. This structure is formed by organisms through photosynthesis – especially in the diversity of plant species. Chlorophyll is therefore a natural framework in the structure of a chelate complex with the central atom magnesium. In St. Hippolyt MicroVital® trace elements such as zinc, copper, selenium, manganese and iron are specifically used in chelate binding form instead of magnesium.


Nucleotides are the building blocks of nucleic acids, the carriers of genetic information and key agents for protein biosynthesis. Each individual biological process of a cell, including its division, is dependent on the participation of nucleic acids directly or indirectly – in other words, no life is possible without nucleotides.

In nature, sufficient nucleotides are synthesised from the horse’s own body cells, „re-cycled“ from dead cells, or assimilated through the various ingested foodstuffs.

Certain situations increase the need for nucleotides or accelerate the consumption of cells and decrease their activity. This is particularly noticeable in stressful situations or in times of increased performance. Some types of cell can only synthesise nucleotides in a very limited way, so a supplementary feed with nucleotides is a good idea.

The addition of nucleotides via the feeding of MicroVital® ensures optimal cell division and improves cell metabolism.

More Informations: St. Hippolyt, Tel. 06642-96060, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download:  pdfSt-Hippolyt-PM-MicroVital_06_2014-Englisch-Druck0.pdf  |  pngMicroVital.png

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