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The Ebert Mill

A unique production

Muehle-EbertThe choice of natural ingredients including a balanced range of essential nutrients, the different feeds produced as muesli, pellet or liquid, and the exquisite herbs that impart a pleasant smell make St. Hippolyt feeds that unique. However, it requires a special and healthy production process to guarantee that all these valuable components can be combined in one of the valuable St. Hippolyt products. Only healthy products improve your horse‘s wellbeing, and this is the reason why healthy working and production methods are our principle, with the focus being placed on:

  • special attention to and the choice of natural ingredients
  • the use of a balanced range of essential nutrients
  • the use of sustainable energies in the production process
  • production free from chemical preservatives

The Ebert Mill

The Ebert Mill in Dielheim has been known for producing balanced food products for more than 600 years. And for 25 years, the Ebert Mill has been committed to the research, development and production of the exclusive products of St. Hippolyt with the main focus being placed on the development and production of healthy products by means of innovative production processes. The Ebert Mill considers itself as vital process, constantly adapting and coping with the challenges of the customers and, of course, of the horses. As we are closely co-operating with our customers and partners, we challenge ourselves everyday anew to develop and to produce healthy equine feeds that are perfect for your horse‘s digestion and general requirements. Innovation through combination Tradition meets modern times - The secret of the unique St. Hippolyt products is the combination of traditional mill manufacturing processes with modern technology. The mill-owned apparatus building is constantly working on ensuring the careful processing and refining of the natural ingredients at the technical level. These particularly gentle processing methods are achieved by:

  • the processing and effective combination of different high-quality natural substances
  • the protection of vitamins, enzymes, unsaturated fatty acids and phytochemicals that are sensitive to heat

Sustainable work

Another secret of St. Hippolyt and the basis of our high-quality products is the use of a diverse range of fine and high-quality ingredients that are naturally rich in vital and essential nutrients. „Quality starts with the raw material“ (Bernd Ebert). Therefore, these ingredients are primarily sourced from a number of trusted contract farms located in the Baden-area/Germany. Besides the sustainable sourcing of raw materials, the preservation of the environment is as important in the production process. The mill-owned biomass power plant produces a minimum of carbon emission, and together with the transport vehicles, fuelled with rape-seed-based fuel, considerably contribute to climate protection.

Own research department

To perfectly match the requirements of the horses and their owners, scientific work and research at the highest possible level has to be continued. The main research efforts are focused on the ways nutrients act and affect the organism and on how to use them to best effect in the feeds. Intensive research in diet-related diseases of the horse and the resulting solutions are analysed and substantiated by corresponding studies. The constant development of new products and product lines is the result of innovative ideas from research work, but on the other hand also a consequence of the constant dialogue with horse enthusiasts and experts. Feed specialties for horses in all situations of life have been developed and continuously improved this way.

We are happy about the great number of news received from satisfied customers, reporting about their healthy and successful horses, a fact that certainly confirms our efforts and commitment. The brand St. Hippolyt won the readers’ award “CAVALLO Trophy 2012” as most favourite brand.

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