Gemüse-Kräuter Mineralien
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Minerals for breeding and raising horses


Mineral feed supplements are designed to balance a horse ’s daily feed. Choosing the appropriate mineral feed depends on performance requirements, type and feed ing of the horse. A broodmare has different nutritional requirements when it comes to mineral feed than small horses.

St. Hippolyt’s mineral supplement feeds contain a diverse range of ingredients that are naturally rich in vital nutrients, including ocean-derived minerals and yeast, c ereal germs and herbs. Carrots and fruit components contribute to the nutritional value and add excelle nt flavour. The trace elements are predominantly organically bound and therefore highly bioava ilable, thus ensuring a reliable and balanced supply.

The perfect feed, specially formulated for heavily p regnant or lactating mares and for raising young hors es. To balance a diet rich in grain.

  • high contents in calcium and ocean-derived nutrient carrie rs
  • tasty because of the diverse range of highly nutritious ingred ients
  • great variety of different essential nutrients
  • pelleted

St. Hippolyt’s Vegetable Herb Mineral Mix is based on natural al gal limestone. The highly bioavailable form of calcium is absolutely necessary for breeding animals or h orses being fed larger amounts of grain to balance the calcium-phosphorus ratio. All the trace elements and vitamins co ntained in St. Hippolyt’s Vegetable Herb Mineral Mix are provided in a biologically effective dose and careful ly balanced rations. Dried vegetables and fruits, herbs and oleaginous fruits enrich this m ineral feed with a vast range of natural and highly-digestible nutrients, they contribute to the excellent flavour and improve digestion as well as the absorption of the minerals and other active ingredients into the blood.

Feeding Recommendation

Gemüse-Herbs-Mineralien App. 20-25 g per 100 kg bodyweight & da

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