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Holistic hoof care

Emo-UngulatPerfect Hooves

They are the horse’s foundation and carry it throug h out its life. Hooves frequently provide valuable information on the horse’s nutritional sup ply – cracks, grooves, an insufficient consistency or disturbed growth reveal deficiencies in specific vital nutrients which urgently requires a balancing diet.

Ungulat has been formulated in accordance with the latest nutri tional science findings and is continuously revised to ensure that its extremely diverse range of nutrient combinatio ns provide a solid nutritional foundation for the development of healthy and strong hooves – even in difficult cases

  • rich in keratin-forming amino acids
  • rich in special brewer’s yeast
  • specially selected range of herbs
  • rich in highly bio-available trace elements

Improved hoof horn growth

The hoof horn primarily consists of the structural protein keratin that contains a highly specific type of amino acid. Ungulat compensates for any lack in the amino acids methionine, cy steine, lysine, praline and clycine, either directly or through its natural sources of protein such as brewer ’s yeast, oil seeds, chlorella algae and herbs.

Improving hoof structure

Minerals like zinc, manganese, copper, iron, organic sulphur compoun ds, silicon and calcium are important to the structural stability of the hoof horn. Ungulat contains a balanced ratio of these nutrients in predominantly natural, biologically available forms to ensure their absorbability .

The cold-pressed linseed oil in Ungulat is a source of unsaturate d vegetable fatty acids which contribute considerably to the flexibility and elasticity of the hoof horn. .

Enhanced nutrient uptake

Ungulat is full of enzyme-rich sprouted grains, garlic, brewer’s yeas t, linseed, millet, camomile, vitamin A and the trace element cobalt to promote and protect digestion and th us to enhance the body’s own production of biotin.

Transport of substances to the hoof

Only a hoof corium well-supplied with blood ensures that the hoof is perfectly provided with vital substances. Ungulat contains garlic, unsaturated fatty acids, grape seed e xtract and other vasoprotective substances. These nutrients assure a good blood flow and protect the fine vascu lature and the corium.

A study in mares with bad hooves showed that the ho of horn considerably improved after having been fed Ungulat Hufkur for six months.

Feeding Recommendation

Approx. 40 g per 100 kg body weight and day.
Approx. 20 g per 100 kg body weight are sufficient for prophylactic feeding.

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