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Every horse can enjoy this tasty treat. R egardless if your animal is suffering from obesity, dieting or h as metabolic problems - Glyx Lobs makes all horses happy.

Emo-Glyx-LobsHappiness without Sugar

A juicy apple, a crisp carrot, fresh grass, crusty bread or a delicious fragrant grain cereal after work - at first glance it seems to be quite a healt hy reward for the horse. But many of these “treats” contain a considerable amount of sugar and starch. An excess of sugar and starch raises blood sugar levels and increases the risk of laminitis. But there are ways to reward a horse, without risk, and without the horse lover de veloping a guilty conscience.

Everyone's happiness

  • reduced in starch and sugar
  • suitable for allergy sufferers
  • tasty and very healthy
  • in handy cube-form

Glyx Lobs treats are a healthy alternative to conventional tre ats; they are reduced in carbohydrate and sugar and therefore useful for all horses who should not receive addi tional hidden calories

A tribute to problem cases

Anyone who has a horse with problems like obesity, Equine Metab olic Syndrome , Cushing's syndrome, polysaccharide storage myopathy ( PSSM ) or laminitis, should b e afraid to reward their horse with a treat . Unfortunately, conventional treats often have high levels of sugar o r carbohydrates, to make them palatable in the first place. However, these types of reward are not suitable for horses w ith such problems.

Glyx Lobs are designed so that you can reward your horse safely, with a tasty and healthy treat.

Feeding Recommendation

Some cubes every day as reward

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