EquiLac Müsli
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A feed especially designed for broodmares

Emo-EquilacOnly the Best for Mare and Foal

Every breeder is relieved and joyful when the newbo rn foal latches on to the mare and begins suckling on her milk source. During pregnancy and l actation, we can provide an important basis of proper nutrition for the mare; that is our hope for a healthy sports companion and a friend for life.

Equilac is an approved broodmare feed, developed on the basis of long-years experiences in thoroughbred breeding.

  • well-balanced protein/energy-ratio
  • including herbs, ground algae, oils and oleaginous fruits
  • rich in essential amino acids
  • perfectly balanced content in trace elements

Boosting fertility

Approx. three months before the mating, the mare’s diet should conta in high-quality vital nutrients, however, the energy supply should be moderate. Supplements with “St. Hippolyt’s ß -Carotene and Garlic” and trace elements (for example MicroVital) enhance her potential to conceiv e. It is recommended to then continue feeding energy- adapted rations with a well-balanced content in high-quality micronutrients.

Vital nutrients for two

St. Hippolyt's Equilac contains particularly high-quality protein. Besides a well-balanced protein-energy-ratio, all minerals, trace elements and vitamins are included in well-adapted quantities to meet the nutritional requirements and to promote the healthy development of the growing foa l. Brewer’s yeast, sprouts, a range of ocean-derived components and other substances rich in vital nutrients sustainabl y complete the formula.

Feeding Recommendation


From the 8th month of pregnancy, gradually start to replace the daily feed consisting of con centrated feed and/or grass with Equilac.

From the 9 th to 11 th month of pregnancy approx. 400 – 500 g Equilac per kg 100 body weight per d ay. The total quantity per day should be offered in different rations. For easy resp. hard keepers, the ration should be adjusted by 10 – 15% upwards or downwards. Oats can be fed in addition. Equilac is recommended to be fed on its own to special breeds, ponies and easy keepers.

From the 1st to 3 rd month of lactation: Gradually increase Equilac to max. 600 g per 100 kg body weigh t, because the third month of lactation will be the peak of milk product ion.

From the 5 th month of lactation: Gradually reduce Equilac to finally continue with the usual concen trated feed on its own. Finish to feed Equilac after the foal has been wean ed.

1 liter = approx. 750 g Equilac Pellets
1 liter = approx. 600 g broodmare muesli

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