Fohlengold Müsli
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Foal feed for special requirements

Emo-FohlengoldShaping the Future

At first wide legged and unbalanced, then charging past its dam in the canter with huge strides only to come to rest in the sun for a blissful nap. Young foals delight our heart. We can hardly avert our eyes from these gorgeous little creatures on which we have pinned so many hopes. And many a foal already practices its skills very e arly to unfold all its potential.

A high-quality foal feed, specially formulated to promote a b alanced development, a proper digestion and a balanced growth, particularly during the first months o f life. Rich in minerals and trace elements for a perfect bone and cartilage development.

  • stabilizes digestion
  • low in starch
  • rich in micronutrients
  • contains herbs, ground algae, oils and oleaginous fruits

St. Hippolyt’s Fohlengold contains a range of highly biological ly valuable vegetable proteins, supplemented with all of the most important amino acids to support the proper growth a nd development. Fohlengold has furthermore been formulated as a low-starch feed and has been specially fo rtified with a range of healthy oleaginous fruit, fibres and nutrients that both energize and promote the digestive system.

Fohlengold provides a range of high-quality basic nutrients such a s corn germ, brewer’s yeast, herbs and many other highly nutritious components that contain essential nutr ients. The minerals used in Fohlengold are primarily organic and ocean-derived from ground algae. They are well -balanced in content and support a balanced growth and development. Yeast, malt, linseed and special herbs pro mote the enzymatic digestion which starts to develop during the first weeks of life. It also fosters the development of a h ighly-resistant colon flora.

Strength for life

Foals that are fed Fohlengold will more than well be prepared for the stressful process of weaning. Besides, Fohlengold contributes to preventing early signs of physical w ear and tear in later life and completely covers the particular nutritional requirements of foals, thus providing an exc ellent basis for a well-balanced and healthy development.

Feeding Recoomendation

Fohlengold Müsli
We recommend to feed Fohlengold free choice from the third week of life un til the third month as supplement to the usual basic feed including mare’s milk, roughage and/or grass. Foals with a final weight of approx. 600 kg are fed at least 1 kg Fohlengold as of the 4 th month . The total quantity should be offered in several ration s. 1.5 kg Fohlengold should be fed as of the 5 th month and 2 kg as of the 6 th month . The rations have to be adopted by 10 – 15% plus or minus for hard or easy keeping horses. Oats can be fed in addition. Fohlengold should be adapte d to the horse’s weight for special breeds, ponies and easy keeping horses, and we recommend Fohlengold to be fed on its own. The dosage should vary – depending on the pasture qua lity – from the 12 th to the 24 th month. It is recommended to continuously reduce feeding Fohlengold as of the 24 th month and to substitute it with for example Hesta Mix or Struktur-Energetikum and oats.

1 liter = approx. 700 g Fohlengold Müsli

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