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Brandon stands for a unique, innovative, hypoallergenic feeding concept based on the most significant nutritional findings. It's all about a nutritionally complete, tasty diet for horses with low allergic potential which has a full range of vitamins and minerals. Brandon is clinically tested and is ideal for horses with a wide range of requirements with regard to the composition of their feed rations. Thanks to its low glycemic index * – called Glyx for short – Brandon is also particularly suitable for horses requiring feed that contains only small quantities of easily digestible energy.


Brandon plus - Functional feed supplements in equine nutrition

In order to cater to a horse's individual needs, it is often necessary to support their feed with special additives. Nucleotides, are a key substance for the optimal body function. Most Brandon plus food supplements contain high levels of PSB® complexes, among other things. These are naturally occurring substances extracted from yeast using a unique procedure, which are rich in high quality purified nucleotides (cellular building blocks). Nucleotides are building blocks for nucleic acids, the carriers of genetic information and key substances in protein biosynthesis. The importance of nucleotides and nucleic acids are is validated by the knowledge that every single biological process in a cell, including its division, is directly or indirectly dependent on the involvement of nucleic acids. Combined with selected ingredients, the high quality purified nucleotides in the form of PSB® complexes optimise the effect of the Brandon plus products.

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