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The grain-free diet, free from molasses

Emo-EquigardEasy to feed?

Overweight! The bane of civilization? More and more horses are suffering from overweight or the Equine Metabolic Syndrome. Laminitis is a possible consequence of this metabolic disorder. To successfully prevent the serious consequences associated with an disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, particularly easy keepers and horses already suffering from overweight require a diet low in sugar and protein which, however, provides all essential vital substances to actively maintain and support the equine metabolism.

Equigard is a grain-free muesli, specifically designed for horses suffering from metabolic disorders such as the Equine Metabolic Syndrome, laminitis and Equine Cushing's Syndrome as these horses require a diet low in sugar and protein. A grain-free diet is also particularly important with equine myopathies such as Typing-up, PSSM and rhabdomyolysis as well as with gastric ulcers.

  • free from grain and molasses
  • low in starch and sugar content
  • rich in low glycemic fibres
  • contains a special range of minerals to maintain and support the carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • high feed volume - low energy content
  • contains herbs, ground algae, oils and oleaginous fruits

Doing more with less

Infografik-EquigardAccording to the latest research studies, horses susceptible to the Equine Metabolic Syndrome, laminitis and equine myopathies such as Tying-up and PSSM should only be fed a limited amount of non-structural carbohydrates such as grain starch and sugar. Equigard contains approx. 80% less starch and sugar than oats and is therefore the perfect low-energy feed for horses susceptible to or already affected by these diseases. The increased energy requirements of performance horses or skinny horses suffering from the Equine Cushing's Syndrome should be met by using native oils, oil seeds and fibres for which we recommend a combined feed with Struktur Energetikum, linseed oil and/or HippoLinol. Equigard is also the perfect maintenance feed for resting horses during convalescence.

Vital substances for an active metabolism

To maintain and stabilize a healthy insulin sensitivity and the carbohydrate and fat metabolism, vital substances such as magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, Ω 3 fatty acids, lecithin and antioxidants such as vitamin E and fruit flavonoids are particularly important.

Fibre muesli or pellet?

To serve both interests, we have now extended our range of products and are offering the approved fibre muesli as a pellet. An excellent alternative for run-in stables with automatic horse feeders as the small pellet easily passes through the feeding device.

Feeding Recommendation Muesli

To be fed as supplement to conventional basic feed, approx. 200 - 350 g per 100 kg body weight and day. This overall quantity should be offered in different portions. With lower dosage or supply shortages, we recommend adding Glucogard or MicroVital.

1 liter = approx. 400 g Equigard Müsli


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